C major 9th

Symbols:CM9, CMaj9, Cmaj9
Notes:C, E, G, B, D

Similar Chords

The following chords are similar to this chord and may be a suitable replacement in certain scenarios.

Chord TypeChords
added 9thCadd9
dominant 6thG7(6)
dominant 7th sharp 9th sharp 13thE7#9#13
dominant 9thC9
dominant seventh (add #9)E7#9
major 11thGM11, CM11
major 13thGM13
major 2ndC2
major 6thGM6
major 7thCM7
major 7th sharp 9thCM7#9
major added 11thGadd11
minor 11thEm11, Am11
minor 7thEm7
minor 9thEm9, Am9

Member Scales

This chord can be found in the following scales.

DorianA, D
Dorian b5D
Harmonic MajorC
LocrianB, F#
Locrian bb7B
LydianF, C
Lydian Augmented #2G#
Lydian b3F
MajorG, C
MinorA, E
MixolydianG, D
Mixolydian b2G
PhrygianB, E
Phrygian b4E