G Mixolydian b2

Fifth degree of the harmonic major scale

Notes:G, G#, B, C, D, E, F


Chords that are compatible with this scale.

Chord TypeChords
7th suspended 4thG7sus
added 9thCadd9
altered dominant 7thE7alt, G7alt
augmentedEaug, Caug, G#aug
augmented 7thCaug7, G#aug7
diminishedFdim, Ddim, Bdim, G#dim
diminished seventhFdim7, Ddim7, Bdim7, G#dim7
dominant 6thG7(6)
dominant 7thE7, G7
dominant 7th sharp 9th sharp 13thE7#9#13
dominant seventh (add #9)E7#9
half-diminished 7thDm7(b5)
majorE, C, G
major 11thCM11
major 2ndC2
major 6thGM6
major 7thCM7
major 9thCM9
major added 11thCadd11, Gadd11
minorFm, Em
minor 2ndFm2
minor 6thFm6
minor 7thEm7
minor added 9thFmadd9
powerchordF5, E5, C5, G5
suspended 2ndFsus2, Csus2
suspended 4thCsus, Gsus