A Dorian

Second degree of the major scale

Notes:A, B, C, D, E, F#, G


Chords that are compatible with this scale.

Chord TypeChords
7th suspended 4thE7sus, D7sus, B7sus, A7sus
added 9thGadd9, Dadd9, Cadd9
dominant 6thD7(6)
dominant 7thD7
dominant 9thD9
half-diminished 7thF#m7(b5)
majorG, D, C
major 11thGM11
major 13thGM13
major 2ndG2, D2, C2
major 6thGM6, DM6, CM6
major 7thGM7, CM7
major 9thGM9, CM9
major added 11thGadd11, Dadd11
minorEm, Bm, Am
minor 11thEm11, Bm11, Am11
minor 13thAm13
minor 2ndEm2, Am2
minor 6thAm6
minor 7thEm7, Bm7, Am7
minor 9thEm9, Am9
minor added 11thEmadd11, Bmadd11, Amadd11
minor added 9thEmadd9, Amadd9
powerchordG5, E5, D5, C5, B5, A5
suspended 2ndGsus2, Esus2, Dsus2, Csus2, Asus2
suspended 4thGsus, Esus, Dsus, Bsus, Asus