E Phrygian

Third degree of the major scale

Notes:E, F, G, A, B, C, D


Chords that are compatible with this scale.

Chord TypeChords
7th suspended 4thD7sus, A7sus, G7sus, E7sus
added 9thCadd9, Gadd9, Fadd9
dominant 6thG7(6)
dominant 7thG7
dominant 9thG9
half-diminished 7thBm7(b5)
majorC, G, F
major 11thCM11
major 13thCM13
major 2ndC2, G2, F2
major 6thCM6, GM6, FM6
major 7thCM7, FM7
major 9thCM9, FM9
major added 11thCadd11, Gadd11
minorDm, Am, Em
minor 11thDm11, Am11, Em11
minor 13thDm13
minor 2ndDm2, Am2
minor 6thDm6
minor 7thDm7, Am7, Em7
minor 9thDm9, Am9
minor added 11thDmadd11, Amadd11, Emadd11
minor added 9thDmadd9, Amadd9
powerchordD5, C5, A5, G5, F5, E5
suspended 2ndDsus2, Csus2, Asus2, Gsus2, Fsus2
suspended 4thDsus, Csus, Asus, Gsus, Esus