E Dorian

Second degree of the major scale

Notes:E, F#, G, A, B, C#, D


Chords that are compatible with this scale.

Chord TypeChords
7th suspended 4thB7sus, A7sus, F#7sus, E7sus
added 9thDadd9, Aadd9, Gadd9
dominant 6thA7(6)
dominant 7thA7
dominant 9thA9
half-diminished 7thC#m7(b5)
majorD, A, G
major 11thDM11
major 13thDM13
major 2ndD2, A2, G2
major 6thDM6, AM6, GM6
major 7thDM7, GM7
major 9thDM9, GM9
major added 11thDadd11, Aadd11
minorBm, F#m, Em
minor 11thBm11, F#m11, Em11
minor 13thEm13
minor 2ndBm2, Em2
minor 6thEm6
minor 7thBm7, F#m7, Em7
minor 9thBm9, Em9
minor added 11thBmadd11, F#madd11, Emadd11
minor added 9thBmadd9, Emadd9
powerchordD5, B5, A5, G5, F#5, E5
suspended 2ndDsus2, Bsus2, Asus2, Gsus2, Esus2
suspended 4thDsus, Bsus, Asus, F#sus, Esus