C Mixolydian b2

Fifth degree of the harmonic major scale

Notes:C, C#, E, F, G, A, Bb


Chords that are compatible with this scale.

Chord TypeChords
7th suspended 4thC7sus
added 9thFadd9
altered dominant 7thA7alt, C7alt
augmentedAaug, Faug, C#aug
augmented 7thFaug7, C#aug7
diminishedBbdim, Gdim, Edim, C#dim
diminished seventhBbdim7, Gdim7, Edim7, C#dim7
dominant 6thC7(6)
dominant 7thA7, C7
dominant 7th sharp 9th sharp 13thA7#9#13
dominant seventh (add #9)A7#9
half-diminished 7thGm7(b5)
majorA, F, C
major 11thFM11
major 2ndF2
major 6thCM6
major 7thFM7
major 9thFM9
major added 11thFadd11, Cadd11
minorBbm, Am
minor 2ndBbm2
minor 6thBbm6
minor 7thAm7
minor added 9thBbmadd9
powerchordBb5, A5, F5, C5
suspended 2ndBbsus2, Fsus2
suspended 4thFsus, Csus