D major 2nd

Symbols:D2, DMaj2, DM2, DMadd2, Dadd2
Notes:D, E, F#, A

Similar Chords

The following chords are similar to this chord and may be a suitable replacement in certain scenarios.

Chord TypeChords
7th suspended 4thE7sus, B7sus, A7sus
added 9thDadd9
augmented 7thBbaug7
dominant 7thD7
dominant 9thD9
half-diminished 7thF#m7(b5)
major 6thDM6, AM6
major 7thDM7
major 9thDM9
major added 11thDadd11, Aadd11
minor 11thBm11
minor 2ndDm2
minor 6thAm6
minor 7thF#m7, Bm7
minor added 11thBmadd11, Amadd11
minor added 9thDmadd9
suspended 2ndDsus2
suspended 4thAsus

Member Scales

This chord can be found in the following scales.

DorianB, A, E
Dorian b5E
Harmonic MajorD
LocrianC#, G#, F#
Locrian bb7C#
LydianC, G, D
Lydian Augmented #2Bb
Lydian b3G
MajorA, G, D
MinorB, F#, E
MixolydianA, E, D
Mixolydian b2A
PhrygianC#, B, F#
Phrygian b4F#