C minor 2nd

Symbols:Cm2, Cmin2, Cmadd2
Notes:C, D, D#, G

Similar Chords

The following chords are similar to this chord and may be a suitable replacement in certain scenarios.

Chord TypeChords
7th suspended 4thG7sus, D7sus
added 9thCadd9
augmented 7thD#aug7
half-diminished 7thAm7(b5)
major 2ndC2
major 6thD#M6
major 7thG#M7, D#M7
major added 11thGadd11
minor 6thCm6
minor 7thCm7
minor 9thCm9
minor added 11thGmadd11, Cmadd11
minor added 9thCmadd9
suspended 2ndCsus2
suspended 4thGsus

Member Scales

This chord can be found in the following scales.

DorianF, C
Dorian b5A
Harmonic MajorG
Harmonic MinorG, C
LocrianA, D
Locrian bb7F#
LydianG#, D#
Lydian Augmented #2D#
Lydian b3C
MajorBb, D#
MinorG, C
MixolydianBb, F
Mixolydian b2D
PhrygianG, D
Phrygian b4B