C augmented 7th

Symbols:Caug7, Caug7, C+7
Notes:C, E, G#, B

Similar Chords

The following chords are similar to this chord and may be a suitable replacement in certain scenarios.

Chord TypeChords
added 9thEadd9
augmentedG#aug, Eaug, Caug
dominant 7thE7
major 2ndE2
major 6thEM6
major 7thEM7, CM7
major added 11thEadd11
minor 2ndAm2
minor 7thC#m7
minor added 9thAmadd9

Member Scales

This chord can be found in the following scales.

Dorian b5F#, D
Harmonic MajorE, C
Harmonic MinorA
Locrian bb7B, D#
Lydian Augmented #2G#, C
Lydian b3A, F
Mixolydian b2B, G
Phrygian b4G#, E